"Farewell to the Thief!" (2008)

"Farewell to the Thief!" (2008)
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For Release: September 1, 2008 Folk and Labor Musicians Unite for Farewell to the Thief! Final Anti-Bush CD in Four-Volume Series is Released and Now Available Folksinger George Mann announces the release of Farewell to the Thief!, the fourth and final title in the long-running anti-Bush series Mann has produced since 2001. This new CD features many of our nation's best-known folk artists, such as Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips, Anne Feeney, Magpie, Jim Page, and the duo Emma's Revolution, as well as Mann and Julius Margolin, his 92-year-old singing partner, in a delightfully funny and hard-hitting collection of songs about the debacles of the Bush administration. Garnet Rogers, Roy Zimmerman, The Seattle Labor Chorus, Anne Hills, the Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble, Citizens Band, Steve Robinson, Chris Bricker, Patriot Act and Jon Fromer are also featured on the 21-track, 61-minute collection. The brainchild of Mann, a singer/songwriter based in New York City, the Hail to the Thief! series has garnered attention and support from progressive media, anti-war groups and thousands of folk music lovers worldwide since the first release in 2001. "We're so happy to see the end of the Bush years," Mann said. "This CD will send them packing with compelling songs about George Bush and Dick Cheney's disastrous administration." Anne Feeney, the Pittsburgh-based folk musician who has been singing for unions and all good causes since the 1980s, said, "We've had eight years of vicious cruelty. Now I'm ready for national health care, ending the war, rebuilding our communities and saving the environment!" Farewell to the Thief! is dedicated to Utah Phillips, the legendary songwriter and storyteller who died in May after a long battle with heart disease. "Utah was speaking with me about being part of this CD right up until his death, and we are honored to have him represented with one of his last pieces, titled 'What We Need.' We wish he could have lived to see its release," commented Mann. George Mann first teamed up with Julius Margolin in 1999, releasing Hail to the Thief! Songs for the Bush Years in 2001; Hail to the Thief II: Songs to Send Bush Packing! in 2004; and Hail to the Thieves: Songs to Take Our Country Back! in 2006. Copies of Farewell to the Thief! are available for $15 (includes postage and shipping). International orders please add $3 for postage. Checks or money orders may be sent to: George Mann, P.O. Box 697, New York, NY 10033. Online purchase: http://shop.georgeandjulius.com For more information and audio clips, see www.georgeandjulius.com Tracklist: Dump the Bosses Off Your Back-- Anne Feeney Junior -- Garnet Rogers Glory Bound Train -- Roy Zimmerman Petroleum Bonaparte -- Jim Page Oil for the World -- Seattle Labor Chorus This Government of Shame -- George Mann My America -- Anne Hills Haul 'Em All Off To Jail -- Magpie George W. Told the Nation -- Tom Paxton Election Blues -- Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble Anymore -- Citizens Band Hallelujah, I'm A Bum -- Anne Feeney The Bush Legacy -- Julius Margolin Road to Ruin -- Steve Robinson So Long, It's Been Good to Know Yuh -- Chris Bricker Back to Crawford Waltz -- Patriot Act Vote -- emma's revolution What We Need -- Utah Phillips Gonna Take Us All -- Jon Fromer There's A Light at the End of the Tunnel -- George Mann with the Seattle Labor Chorus Farewell to the Thief! -- Chris Bricker and George Mann ### -- http://www.georgemannmusic.com http://www.georgeandjulius.com Pro-Union, Anti-Bush Folk Music