George Mann -- "Patience in These Times" (2012)

George Mann -- "Patience in These Times" (2012)
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This CD was released in April 2012. 13 songs, including 8 originals and a lot of songs with labor/union themes! A solid CD with great musical contributions by Scott Supeck and Dana Billings on percussion; Marty Confurius and Doug Robinson on bass; Jen Middaugh and Myriam Valle on vocals; Mark Ross on guitar, banjo and harmonica; and more!


Song list:

1. One More Beautiful Song

2. When the Money Runs Out

3. The Union Made Me Strong

4. Dear Faith

5. I'm at the End of My Rope

6. Back Home in Derry

7. Miner's Lullaby

8. Bread and Roses

9. Cancer Changes Everything

10. Come and Join the Union

11. The Hardest Thing to Conquer is Hate

12. There is Power in A Union

13. The Power of Song