"The Coronavirus Sessions" (October 2020)

"The Coronavirus Sessions" (October 2020)
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This CD was released in October 2020! Twelve new recordings, eight new songs by George Mann and covers of some of his favorites.... written and recorded during the first six months of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The tracklist: 

 1.  A Song in My Heart

2.  The Fish Always Rots From the Head

3.  All Used Up

4.  My Name is George

5.  The Lynyrd Skynyrd Band

6.  The Bottle Wins Each Time

7.  Which Side Are You On?

8.  Seventy Miles From the Border

9.  At Beluthahatchee

10.  Pass It Along

11.  Dang Dick-a, Dang Dick-a

12.  Donnie Took A Dump All Over Twitter

13.  Pne Day You Just Wake Up and You’re Old


The Pickers and Grinners

Michael Wellen:  Drums

Doug Robinson:  Bass guitar, harmony vocals (Tracks 6, 7, 9, 12)

George Mann:  Acoustic guitars; lead and harmony vocals

Rich DePaolo:  Electric and slide guitars; acoustic guitar (Track 12);

harmony vocals (Tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12)  

Mary Brett Lorson:  Harmony vocals

Marty Confurius:  Double bass (Track 1)

Elbonee “SingTrece” Stevenson:  Harmony vocals (Tracks 4 & 5)

David Easton:  Keyboards (Tracks 4 & 5)

Sally Taylor:  Violin (Tracks 8 & 12)


Recorded mostly in the age of Coronavirus… March to August 2020.

Produced by George Mann, with invaluable input,

a warm environment,  and good coffee provided by Will Russell.  

Recorded and engineered by Will Russell

at Electric Wilburland Studios in Newfield, NY.


Mixed by Will Russell and George Mann at Wilburland, August 2020. 

Mastered by Dana Billings.