Hail to the Thief! Songs For The Bush Years (2001)

Hail to the Thief! Songs For The Bush Years (2001)
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ATTENTION: This is the FIRST Hail to the Thief collection, completed and kinda released in August 2001 (we pulled back in respect for the victims of 9/11 and the Bush administration's apparent failure to prevent the attacks, and didn't promote it until the spring of 2002). On September 1, 2006 we released "Hail to the Thieves, Volume III: Songs to Take Our Country Back!" with Billy Bragg, Anne Feeney, Utah Phillips, Chuck Brodsky, Girlyman and more! (Also on CDBABY, check it out-- should be up by 9/6/06) The second "Hail to the Thief" CD, featuring Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips, Faith Petric, Kim and Reggie Harris, emma's revolution, Steve Brooks, Joe Jencks, Mark Levy, Magpie, Amy Martin, Lisa Rogers, and more-- was released in August 2004 and is also available from CDBABY! *********************************** Produced by labor folksingers angry at the theft of our nation's top elected office, "Hail to the Thief! Songs for the Bush Years" has 15 songs about Dubya and his right-wing administration. It is folk music with a twist of satire, parody, and dead seriousness about this travesty. "Hail!" is full of hard-hitting songs of the stolen election and the coming struggle against Bush's agenda. Humorous and varied in styles, with two labor choruses (NYC and SF), Anne Feeney, Francisco Herrera, Bernard Gilbert, Jon Fromer, Chris Chandler, Chris Bricker, and George and Julius featured. Something for everyone who believes the 2000 election was stolen, also a good gag gift for your favorite Republican! The CD has been featured on numerous websites and progressive radio stations around the country, and continues to grow as the Bush Boy continues his murderous occupation of Iraq. Digitally recorded (24 track for the most part) and mastered, high-quality sound and songs. Recorded under union contract and put out by labor folksingers George Mann and Julius Margolin, who contributed six of the songs. FLASH: George and Julius have a new CD, "Just A Few Bad Apples," up on CDBABY http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/georgeandjulius3 Plenty of anti-Bush stuff on this CD also. Audio clips and info are up at our website: http://www.georgeandjulius.com Thanks for checking us out... ___________________________________________ Here's a review: Singing the George Bush Blues People's Weekly World ____________________________________________________________ "Hail to the Thief! Songs for the Bush Years," produced by George Mann and Julius Margolin, songs performed by various artists, 2001. ___________________________________________________________ I have a confession to make. I know most of the performers on this CD- all labor activists and members of the America Federation of Musicians. But this aside, it's a wonderful album or I wouldn't dare review it. From the first notes of the prelude to the last chords of the final cut, the album is chock full of pithy and pointed humor. Where humor is not called for, the drama, pathos and anger at a government that fails to look after its poor, its aged and its youth take over. The prelude- aptly named "Hail to the Thief"- sets the tone with the drunken whine of a musical saw in tandem with the irascible kazoo. Singer-songwriter George Mann does himself proud on cuts two, eight and 12 with a song parody ("I'm George W."), "It's Hard to Put Food on Your Family," a song in which he uses many of Dubya's earlier speech groaners, and "The Whitewash." Only hellraiser Anne Feeney would define AFDC as aid to dependent corporations like she does in her new song "The Corporate Welfare Song." She's always been a songwriter who pulls off a high ratio of rhythm and rhyme per note. She really outshines herself on this cut. Bernard Gilbert's writing on "We Know the Score" (with Francisco Herrera), and on the "W. Medley," is clever and catchy. The CD features coast-to-coast labor choruses- the Labor Heritage/Rockin' Solidarity Chorus in San Francisco and the New York City Labor Chorus. Thief rocks and moves. The music is eclectic. Saw player Chris Bricker swings and swoops on "First Interlude" and "Second Interlude," giving listeners a chance to catch their breath. But if I had to pick favorites, which I don't so I won't, I'd tell you that I like the 85-year-old Julius Margolin's two songs best. Margolin knows how to write for his voice. The tunes are plain and very hummable. His lyrics are deep and simple. His writing and singing on "The Supreme Court Stole the Election" and "We're AFL-CIO" take the cake! At first listen, the New York City labor Chorus soloist Percy McRae's "Go Down Moses" is a misfit. But then, we're all being held hostage by the Bush Administration. His strong and silky voice on this old spiritual brought tears to my eyes. Chris Chandler and Anne Feeney chose "Carnivals" for their cut on the album. Their "folken word" creates a visual song that will dance through your head and phrases that will haunt you. Californians Jon Fromer and Francisco Herrera revive a wonderful Malvina Reynolds ballad, "I Cannot Sleep," about hungry children. Fromer and Herrera weave the English and Spanish words together into a fine tapestry. "Sleep" is the final cut. It will bring tears to your eyes. Visit George Mann and Julius Margolin's website (http://www.georgeandjulius.com) for song samples and ordering information or send $15 (includes postage) check or money order to: George Mann, P.O. Box 697, New York, NY 10033. --Review by Hilda Fort