Miles To Go Before We Sleep (2000)

Miles To Go Before We Sleep (2000)
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Covers of "Hobo's Lullabye", "We Shall Not Be Moved/This Little Light of Mine" medley, and "Union Burying Ground" in addition to 10 originals from George and Julius. Julius's classic "Don't Let Age Get You Down" and his "Pedestrian's Lament" are complemented by George's sad song "Percy Sang" and the song he wrote for IBM workers fighting to keep their pensions, "Somebody Robbed the Pension Plan" (a parody of "Glendale Train"). Some wonderful music and solid accompaniment by Alan Podber, Scott Supeck and Marty Confurius, and more. From our 2000 bio/press release: Performing a variety of original songs and favorites from the past century of folk music, George Mann and Julius Margolin combine social and labor history with songs and a dose of slapstick wherever they perform. From picket lines and union events to cafés and concert settings, George and Julius have been singing and recording together since 1998. George and Julius have two CD's under their belts, 1999's "Young and Younger" and "Miles to Go Before We Sleep" (2000). They produced the CD "Hail to the Thief! Songs for the Bush Years" (also at CDBABY), a compilation of songs featuring friends from the labor movement, all singing about the stolen election and Bush's agenda. They released their third CD, "Just A Few Bad Apples," in March 2003, and the new (9/04) "Hail to the Thief II: Songs to Send Bush Packing" featuring Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips, Faith Petric and many others is also on CDBABY. Audience members of all ages get a taste of labor history and the stories behind some of our best-loved songs, and the duo enjoys laughing at the bosses as well as each other onstage. Mann and Margolin are also songwriters, and their songs are strong commentaries on many contemporary issues, from gun violence ("Too Many Guns"), the aging process ("Don't Let Age Get You Down"), and the plight of the working poor ("We Demand A Living Wage") to the hardships facing workers ("Respect Construction Workers" and "Somebody Robbed the Pension Plan"). Since "Miles to Go Before We Sleep" was completed, they have been performing on both coasts and throughout the Northeast. Julius Margolin: A former merchant seaman, World War II veteran and film electrician, Julius is labor editor for his union newsletter (IATSE Local 52) and has been his union's delegate to the New York City Labor Council since 1973. Born and raised in New York City and New Jersey, Margolin was a member of the Congress of Industrial Organizations and organized for the CIO during the 1930s and 1940s. A member of the New York City Labor Chorus, Margolin has been retired since 1982, but that hasn't kept him from staying active in social movements for peace and justice. He is a regular fixture on picket lines and at demonstrations whenever unions and organizations call. Now in his 80s, Julius lives in Manhattan and enjoys his reading, songwriting and adding to his extensive book and video collection. In the summer of 2000, he spent two weeks in Northern Ireland as part of a trade union observer delegation in the areas around Belfast subject to continuing strife. George Mann: A union organizer and activist for the past 10 years, George grew up playing in rock and roll bands on Long Island and in New York City. He has previously recorded four albums of his songs and performs for many unions and organizations. In the fall of 1997, Julius recruited him for the New York City Labor Chorus, and as the two got to know each other better, the idea of working with Julius to bring labor and folk music to the public was born. He has produced both albums that he and Julius have recorded. Bookings: e-mail: On the web: